Arkansas Department of Education Additional Information for the New ACSIP Software and School Improvement process State-wide Field Test and Title I, Title II-A, and Title III Applications

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Public School Accountability
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Charter Directors; Co-op Directors; Elementary Principals; Middle School Principals; High School Principals; Superintendents; Teacher Center Coordinators; Federal Programs Coordinators

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Additional information inclusive of a tentative timeline for implementation for the ACSIP Statewide Field Test was presented at the Federal Program Coordinators conference in May. The timeline identified that ADE will begin trainings in mid to late July through the Co-ops and at ADE in Little Rock. Training will be limited to a district federal program coordinator, district level software process manager, bookkeeper and the superintendent or designee. It is anticipated that district level teams will train building level teams in August and September. Training materials will be available at the ADE website to assist district leaders with this process.

ADE training activity will be divided in two parts provided in a one day training session. Part 1 will focus on how to complete the compliance forms and the Federal Program Applications. Compliance documents and applications will be due on October 1st. Part II of the training will focus on the use of the software for school improvement planning and monitoring. The continuous improvement process has indicators that must be assessed, planned, and implemented at both the district and school level. In addition to the initial training, ADE will provide follow-up refinement trainings and online coaching. The follow-up trainings will be by region of the state on a quarterly basis. Given that this is a Field Test process, a representative advisory committee will be established in July to assist with the setting of timelines for the submission of assessed indicators and the related plans.

The categorical program budgets entered in APSCN will be the ACSIP budget. This will eliminate audit discrepancies between APSCN and ACSIP. Districts should proceed with their typical staffing and budget preparation activities as in the past. Districts will be asked to report ACSIP budgets in January through the development of a Cognos report that is uploaded into the software. This will permit Federal Program Coordinators and Bookkeepers to reconcile budget codes and expenditures.

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