Arkansas Department of Education National School Lunch Program Verification Collection Report

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Child Nutrition
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Public Law 110-246; Public Law 111-296; 7 CFR 245; USDA Memo SP42-2016
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All Arkansas public school districts receiving federal funds from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for the administration of district child nutrition meal programs are required to submit an annual school district FNS-742 Verification Collection Report to the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) Child Nutrition Unit (CNU).  The Child Nutrition Unit is required to submit the statewide data compiled from the district collection reports to USDA.


Standard Sampling (Formerly Called Error Prone Sampling)

Attached is a list of school districts that are required to complete verification using standard sampling. Guidelines for standard sampling may be downloaded from the “Important Information” tab on the Child Nutrition website. These school districts were selected for standard sampling based on:

  1. 2015-2016 Non-response rate of verified applications or
  2.  Errors were discovered in the district’s verification process


FNS-742 Verification Collection Report 

The deadline for submitting the district’s FNS-742 Verification Collection Report to ADE CNU is Thursday, December 15, 2016.  Please see revised Verification Timeline for 2016 attached to this memo.


How to Complete Verification

Follow the step-by-step guide to the verification process, go to the Child Nutrition webpage at click the “Important Information” tab and scroll to #2. “Verification”.


Each district must report to ADE CNU the summary of verification results by using the FNS-742 Verification Collection Report.  The FNS-742 Verification Collection Report is in Excel format.  The form should be downloaded from the Child Nutrition webpage and renamed using the district’s local education agency (LEA) number. 


Each district must submit one report for the entire district.  In order to complete the FNS-742 Verification Collection Report, a school district will need the following:

  •  Total number of applications and students approved for free meals based on a SNAP (formerly Food Stamps) case number
  •  Total number of applications and students approved for free meals based on household size and income
  •  Total number of applications and students approved for reduced-price meals
  •  Total number of students directly certified (Homeless, Migrant, Direct Certification, Foster)
  •  Results of verification by application – Application Tracker


The FNS-742 Verification Collection Report contains three pages in the Excel workbook:

  •  Instructions for completing the FNS-742 Verification Collection Report
  •  FNS-742 Verification Collection Report
  •  Application Data Sheet with Instructions



  •  Refer the Child Nutrition webpage, “Important Information” tab for step-by-step instructions on completion of the verification process.
  •  Refer to section 6 in the 2016 Eligibility Manual for School Meals
  • Check and Re-Check number of applications to verify.  Remember to always round up.
  •  Do not pull extra applications “just in case” for verification
  •  Complete verification tracker for all applications verified, including verification for cause
  •  Print completed FNS-742 Verification Collection Report 
  •  Save completed FNS-742 Verification Collection Report to desktop


Email completed FNS-742 Verification Collection Report to  The district will receive a bounce back email that the report has been received.  STOP! PRINT this email for audit purposesThis is your receipt that the report has been submitted on time. When the district receives the automatic reply, no additional action is required on behalf of the district.  The district will be notified by phone or email if there is a problem or if additional information is needed to complete the FNS-742 Verification Collection Report. There will NOT be additional automatic replies for subsequent emails due to revisions.


The body of the email MUST include:

  •  District Name
  •   District LEA Number
  •  Name of verification contact person
  •  Phone number of verification contact person
  •  Completed ADE Verification Collection Report



November 15, 2016 – Deadline for completion of all verification activities

 December 15, 2016 – Deadline to report verification activities to ADE, CNU using the new FNS-742 form. 

Email to 


For assistance with completing the FNS-742 Verification Collection Report or any verification activity, call the school district’s assigned child nutrition area specialist, Donna Ratliff or Susie Ward at (501) 324-9502.




2016-2017 Standard Sample List

Verification Timeline 2016

FNS-742Verification Collection Report

2016 Verification Tracker

2016-2017 Eligibility Manual for School Meals                        


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