Arkansas Department of Education Arkansas's #ARKidsCanCode Computer Science Student Placement Survey

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The Arkansas Department of Education, in partnership with Virtual Arkansas, is pleased to announce the release of the #ARKidsCanCode Computer Science Placement Survey.  This survey is designed to assist guidance counselors and students in determining which computer science course would be most beneficial for the student.  The survey uses the Arkansas Computer Science Standards as the basis. Students receive a completion certificate that reveals the level of course from which they would most likely benefit. This certificate can be printed or captured to send to counselors as they schedule students for next year’s classes. Local schools may use this in addition to a variety of information to help make placement determination. The navigation and design of the course was a student-focused approach and we hope this provides a service for students and schools.


To access the #ARKidsCanCode Computer Science Placement Survey, follow the directions below:

  1. Provide the following link to the students you wish to take the Computer Science Placement Survey:
  2. Students click the "Computer Science – Begin the Journey" image
  3. Students click "CS_Placement Survey" under Courses
  4. Students should watch the video and read instructions prior to starting the survey
  5. When the students have completed all parts of the survey, a survey completion image will appear which will contain the students' survey information.  Students should print, take a picture or screenshot of this image for their records and provide to their guidance counselor if needed.  

The Arkansas Department of Education Office of Computer Science extends our sincere gratitude to the Virtual Arkansas team for their work on this project and their ongoing support of the #ARKidsCanCode Computer Science Initiative.


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