Arkansas Department of Education New Educator Registry: Novice Teacher Mentoring and Beginning Administrator Induction

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Every novice teacher (NT) and beginning administrator (BA) (first year teacher and administrator – no prior experience as a teacher or administrator) will receive mentoring/induction support for his or her first three years of employment. This memo outlines the process for year 1 and year 2. Year one will involve only FIRST YEAR teachers and administrators, unless the teacher is finishing an alternative preparation program or the administrator was hired late during the previous school year and did not participate in induction.  


NT Mentoring


The NT mentoring program is coordinated in partnership with the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) and the state’s education service cooperatives (ESC). The ADE provides funding and resources to the education service cooperatives. Districts will be responsible for ensuring that their NTs will be provided mentoring support. A district that does not utilize mentoring through their cooperative will advise the ESC and the ADE Office of Educator Effectiveness of their local plans for mentoring support, use their own district funding, and may be monitored by the ADE to ensure quality and to learn from local mentoring practices.


BA Induction/Mentoring


The BA induction and first year of mentoring support is conducted by the Arkansas Association of Educational Administrators (AAEA), also in partnership with the ADE. The induction will include a summer or fall conference, where BAs will be linked to a network of resources to support their first year of administrative leadership. Subsequent first-year mentoring will be regionally organized Professional Learning Networks and focus on topics relevant to new administrators.


Administrators in year two of mentoring may attend the regionally organized Professional Learning Networks for new administrators, and also participate in the Arkansas Leadership Quest. The Leadership Quest is conducted regionally at the ESCs with lead principals and support coaches and consists of three journey topics from which an administrator may choose.


Out-of-State and Experienced Administrators Returning to Profession


Experienced administrators from out-of-state, and administrators returning to the profession, are not included in the BA induction and mentoring, but will be invited by the ADE to attend an orientation that will include topics relevant to Arkansas administrators. Orientation scheduling will be shared through the AAEA and ESCs and will include, but not limited to, professional learning for TESS/LEADS Law and Process, Ed Reflect Functionalities and Observation Skills.


Identifying Teachers and Administrators for Appropriate Levels of Support


Upon hiring, school districts should register the following by completing the survey at the link below: 

  • novice teachers (including counselors or library media specialist with no prior teaching experience and teachers hired under a waiver from licensure)
  • educators presently in alternative educator preparation programs such as ABCTE, MAT, APPEL, MTLL, PPTL;
  • beginning Administrators
  • experienced administrators from out-of-state; and
  • administrators returning to the profession


It is critical that districts update the information as quickly as possible after hiring a first-year novice teacher or a first-year administrator (beginning teacher or beginning (administrator). This notification enables the ADE to share information with co-ops and the AAEA so they can contact the new educator and begin the plans for personalized, targeted educator support.


In addition, each district must provide each new administrator with the link below to complete for the AAEA. This will register the administrator for Beginning Administrator Induction.  


AAEA Beginning Administrator Induction Registration link


AAEA in collaboration with the ADE, conducts training and mentoring for first year superintendents in accordance with Act 586 of 2011.










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