Arkansas Department of Education Division of Elementary and Secondary Education Duplicate Enrollment ADM Audit - Cycle 5

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The Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) Duplicate Enrollment Audit website is open as of Friday, March 1, 2019, for resolving enrollment issues with school submitted Cycle 5 data.  The website allows schools to review students listed as simultaneously enrolled in another school and respond to questions that confirm to the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) that corrections have been entered in the APSCN Student Management System.  The instructions are attached to this memo.


Again, the data upload for Cycle 5 has been completed and the website can now be accessed at  The deadline to enter the corrections and respond is Friday, March 15, 2019.  Please read the rest of this memo before accessing and entering any data on the website.


Anyone in the school with a current TRIAND ID, password, and access rights has the ability to login to the website and respond.  However, it would be beneficial to designate only one person to enter data on the website.  If you are unable to view the school's data, your access rights may have been changed.  If this occurs, call Angel Peugh, Data Quality and Management, at 501-682-5191 or email




1.     Once the designated school representative logs onto the website, the school's students simultaneously enrolled in another school will appear in a list.  If there are no students simultaneously enrolled in another school, there will be no data to review and there is no need to enter data or respond to the audit.




3.     If a correction is made to the Duplicate Enrollment Audit website, the same correction MUST be made in the APSCN (eSchoolPlus) software.  It will also be necessary to resubmit one or more cycle reports if a correction is entered in APSCN that affects a prior quarter Average Daily Membership (ADM) count.  If you need assistance with this, please contact the APSCN Student Help Desk at 800-435-7989.


4.     IMPORTANT:  Make certain to enter an email address so you can be contacted if more information is needed.  Always include the school name in the subject line when sending emails.


5.     The ADE will export the data from the website, review the information submitted, and contact only those whose submitted data does not resolve the conflicting enrollment information.  You should print copies of the completed audit form for your records.


6.     The 10-day Rule: Ark. Code Ann. § 6-18-213(f)(1) states that any student absent from daily attendance for more than ten (10) consecutive school days shall be dismissed or dropped from the attendance records of the school, school district, or open enrollment charter school.  This is for cases when a student is absent for ten (10) consecutive days and is unaccounted for or cannot be contacted.  The student should NOT be dropped if the student is absent due to illness and will be returning to class.  If notification is later received of the student's enrollment in another school the withdrawal date should be changed to match (or the day before) the enrollment date in the new school.  Otherwise, if a student is absent (and unaccounted for) for ten (10) consecutive days, the withdrawal date should be the eleventh day of absence,  HOWEVER, the ten (10) day rule is different for the beginning of a semester.  If a student is absent and unaccounted for the first ten days of a semester, the withdrawal date must be the first day of the semester.


7.     If the student attended the school during the semester but later transfers to another school, the student drop date should be the day after the last day attended, and cannot be after the date the student enrolled in the new school.  The date of withdrawal in the previous school must be equal to or before the date of enrollment in the new school.  Withdrawal dates do not count in the calculation of Average Daily Membership (ADM).


8.     Per Ark. Code Ann. § 6-80-107, Arkansas schools are required to use the electronic transcript system.  The ADE provides this system through TRIAND and it automatically sends an email to the former school indicating the date the student enrolled in the new school.  This serves as official notification; and therefore, the withdrawal date in the previous school must be equal to, or before, the enrollment date in the new school.


9.     To alleviate the duplicate enrollment issue involving twins, the twin flag within TRIAND MUST be set to "True".


If there are questions, please contact Tammi Rickert at 501-682-9036 or email


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