Arkansas Department of Education Division of Elementary and Secondary Education StudentGPS Releases New Crosswalk Table for Discipline Charts!

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We are excited to announce the release of our new studentGPS Discipline Charts’ Crosswalk Table! The Crosswalk Table provides descriptions for local incident codes that are specific to each district.


By embedding the descriptions for local incident codes within Discipline Charts, educators can now more readily interpret data and identify possible lagging indicators to ensure a safe and orderly environment (HRS 1.1).


The Crosswalk Table is one of many features the studentGPS Discipline Charts has to offer. The studentGPS Discipline Charts provides educators with quick access to user-friendly charts to view discipline referrals by date, time of day, infraction code, location, and action. Discipline Charts can easily be customized by applying filters for grade, program, course section and more!


Check out our short 2-page guide to learn more about ADE’s studentGPS Discipline Charts and our new Crosswalk Table:


How to Use the Discipline Charts - Crosswalk - Tutorial


studentGPS Discipline Reporting Charts FAQs


For more information and tutorials about studentGPS, please visit our support page:


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