Arkansas Department of Education Division of Elementary and Secondary Education 2019-20 District English Learner Plans/Language Minority Student and English Learner Data Entry Requirements (NEW LIEP Codes!)/ELL Categorical Funding

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Due to the enactment of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and its requirement for each state to include an indicator measuring progress in achieving English language proficiency in its statewide accountability system, the Division of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) has provided technical assistance to ensure local education agencies (LEAs) are able to meet the needs of students who are not yet proficient in English.  The following updates are provided for the 2019-20 school year.


2019-20 District English Learner Plan Requirements:

 DESE has a legal responsibility under ESSA, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the Equal Educational Opportunities Act (EEOA) to ensure that all LEAs meet the federal requirements to properly identify, assess, and support English learners through an effective English language development program. In order to meet this requirement, all LEAs must submit an annual district-wide English Learner Plan to the DESE, whether currently enrolling English Learners or not.


The submission of the District English Learner Plan;

  1. Provides full access to all future state and federal grants regarding English Learners;
  2. Addresses the federal requirements under ESSA, Title VI of Civil Rights Act of 1964, and EEOA that apply to all public schools, not just those participating in specific funding streams.

LEAs have two different options to submit their District English Learner Plan, as shown in the chart below. Please submit completed plans in Indistar by the date indicated. 


Submission Method


Due Date

Title III Grant Application

The English Learner Plan is the first part of the Title III Grant Application.

June 28, 2019

English Learner Plan for Non-Title III Districts

Districts who do not receive Title III funds will submit this plan in Indistar.

October 1, 2019

A detailed video walk-through of the English Learner Plan is available here for your reference


2019-20 Language Minority Student/English Learner Data Entry Requirements:

The DESE provided a webinar on the current data entry requirements in eSchool on July 24, 2019. The presentation materials from that session are attached and provided on the English Learners webpage along with the webinar recording under "DESE English Learner Data Entry Presentations Materials".


A NEW data collection element for English Learners is in regards to the student's Language Instruction Educational Program (LIEP) codes for their English Language Development (ELD) Program Model and for their Access to Core Content Program Model.


2019-20 English Language Learner (ELL) Categorical Funds:

DESE will utilize certified data submitted in Cycle 2 to determine the total ELL count for every district. On October 6, 2019, the DESE English Learner Unit will pull a statewide version of the COGNOS Language Minority Student Error Report for students enrolled as of October 1, 2019. It is expected that there will be NO errors listed on this report. In the event that errors are found, the DESE English Learner unit will reach out to the district to work with them on getting the EL related data corrected and may request the submission of additional COGNOS reports to verify the ELL count received in Cycle 2.


For the 2019-20 school year, districts will receive $345 per correctly coded English Learner to utilize in accordance with section 5.04 of the Special Needs Funding Rules.


It is anticipated that for districts with no errors on the statewide October 6th Language Minority Student Error Report, that ELL funding will be disbursed by December 30, 2019. Districts with errors needing to be corrected should be funded by February 28, 2020, pending verification of corrections.


DESE English Learners Listserv:

The DESE English Learners Listserv is designed for educators working with English Learners in the state of Arkansas in Grades K-12. The purpose is to communicate information regarding technical assistance, professional development, and opportunities for schools with English Learners. To ensure regular updates on EL items, please sign up! One needs to respond to the confirmation email to finalize enrollment. To enroll, go to:



Please reach out to the English Learner office if you would like additional technical assistance. 

Tricia Kerr                                                         Alan Lytle

English Learner Program Director/                   English Learner Assessment Specialist/

Title III Co-Coordinator                                     Title III Co-Coordinator
479.267.7450                                                    501.682.4468                      


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