Arkansas Department of Education Division of Elementary and Secondary Education SIS Data Collection: TESS Data Fields Added for 19-20SY

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Educator Effectiveness & Licensure
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Federal Programs; Superintendents; Assistant Superintendent; Principals; Technology Coordinators; Test Coordinators; General Business Managers; Teachers; Gifted & Talented Coordinators; Curriculum Coordinators; Bookkeepers; School Counselors; Techstart Coordinators or Contact Name; Equity Coordinators (Disability/Race/Gender/National Origin); Child Nutrition Directors/Managers; Data Stewards (SIS; eSchool; eFinance; TRIAND); District Coordinators (ALE; Homeless; ESOL; SDFS & Foster); Parent Involvement Coordinators/Facilitators

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Ark.Code Ann. § 6-15-1402 (b) (4) (B) (ii) requires schools to report on equitable access to excellent educators. The School Report Card - Teacher Quality Module requires data regarding (1) the number of teachers required to receive a summative evaluation each school year under the Teacher Excellence and Support System (TESS) and (2) the number of teachers that were identified effective or above according to the Teacher Excellence and Support System (TESS) that school year.


Data entered in EdReflect is accessible only at the LEA level. In order to meet the reporting requirements in the Teacher Quality Module, the Division of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) requests that schools enter the required data into the Statewide Information System (SIS) application using the LEA Profile module. Summative ratings will remain unidentifiable to protect the privacy of educators. DESE will apply suppression rules to the School Report Card.


Two data fields related to TESS have been added to SIS Handbook 2019-2020. SIS Handbook 2019-2020 changes have been updated:
Updates can be found on the SIS  School Table on page 99 of the PDF document.


As the update indicates, the data will be collected in SIS Cycle 7 under LEA Profile > School Table > Cycle 7 data collection tab.


Example: If the school had 20/100 teachers required this school year to receive a summative evaluation then the school would enter 20 as the summative count on SC1030 TESS Summative Evaluation Count. Of those 20 teachers, if 18 were effective or above then the school would enter 18 as the count on SC01035 TESS Effective or Above Count.





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