Arkansas Department of Education Division of Elementary and Secondary Education 2020 November School Election Timeline

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A.C.A. ยงยง 6-13-616, 6-13-622, 6-13-630, 6-14-102, 6-14-106, 6-14-109, 6-14-111, 6-14-118, 6-14-121, 7-5-206, 7-5-304, 7-5-407, 7-5-418, 7-7-203, 26-80-102, 26-80-110
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School districts are required to hold an annual school election and must comply with various legal requirements concerning budget publication, school tax rates, and school elections.  The Division of Elementary & Secondary Education (DESE) provides suggestions to assist school districts in meeting the requirements, including sample budgets and sample ballots.

Arkansas Code Annotated § 6-14-102(a)(1)(A) reads as follows:

 (a)(1)(A)  The annual school election shall be held in each school district of the state: 

                          (i) In even-numbered years, on the date of the:

                              (a) Preferential primary election; or

                              (b) General election; and

                          (ii) In odd numbered years, on the:

                              (a) First Tuesday following the first Monday in November; or

                              (b) Third Tuesday in May.

The attached guide applies only to elections held in November of 2020.  A separate Commissioner's Memo with a new guide will be issued for elections held in 2021.


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