Arkansas Department of Education Division of Elementary and Secondary Education Conversion to Cognos 11 (Cognos Analytics)

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Arkansas Public School Computer Network (APSCN) is announcing the conversion from Cognos version 10 to Cognos Analytics (version 11).  The move to Cognos Analytics will affect eFinance, eSchool and Data Warehouse.  The conversion will occur the weekend of November 20, 2020.  Cognos will be taken offline on the 20th at 6:00 p.m. and should be back online on Monday morning, November 23, 2020. Any change to the schedule will be communicated via the FMS and SMS listservs.

 Prior to the conversion district personnel who currently use Cognos for report writing (report studio) may want to seek training from third party training vendors.  Informational training videos will be available on the Arkansas Digital Sandbox. To access the digital sandbox, a user will need to have SSO credentials.

Prior to the conversion, district users who have created reports will need to perform the following tasks:

  • Cleanup of reports in the district shared folder and My Folders –that means removing any reports that are not currently needed
  • District Cognos users must copy (move) all needed reports currently in their 'My Folder’ and paste into the –My Folder Migration folder. (See the appropriate attachment for ‘My Folder Migration' instructions.) Reports in individual user ‘My Folder’ will NOT convert. Once reports are copied do not save a new reports into the ‘my folders’ but save them in the new ‘My Folder Migration’ folder. This step should be completed by November 18th.
  • Users are encouraged to log into the temporary Cognos test environment to see if reports can be accessed and ran within this environment, use your same SSO user name as you do currently for Cognos access in production. To see reports from the Public Folders go to the Team content.
  • For users who will need to write/create reports will need to be given the correct securities see attachment “Access Report Authoring”.

After the conversion, district users who have reports will need to:

  • Recreate report schedules, if applicable. See the Cognos Analytics Training Guide for instructions
  • Run reports to ensure that reports are working properly
  • Reports created in Query Studio will need to be saved in the report writer or re-created
  • Copy reports from the ‘My Folder Migration’ folder to My content area. See the Cognos Analytic Training Guide for information.

After the conversion to Cognos Analytics, should users have issues with logging into Cognos, please call the help desk at 1-800-435-7989 and open a ticket.  

Documentation for Cognos Analytics may be found on the APSCN website under the FMS and SMS documentation tabs.

To see what changes are in Cognos Analytics, visit this YOUTUBE video:

To ensure that access to Cognos Analytics works properly, please see the following URL for information on the settings for the different browsers:   (


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