Arkansas Department of Education Division of Elementary and Secondary Education Arkansas Computer Science Network of Success Program

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The Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) Office of Computer Science is pleased to announce the creation of the Arkansas Computer Science Network of Success (ACSNS) program. This program, which is open to Arkansas Public, Private, and Charter schools, supports the recommendations of Governor Asa Hutchinson’s 2020 Computer Science and Cybersecurity Task Force and is aligned to the Arkansas Computer Science Gold Medal School Program (ACSGM). The ACSNS is designed to provide structured support to Arkansas’s computer science (CS) educators wishing to grow their computer science programs. 

The main focus of the ACSNS is to facilitate meaningful communication and synergy within the local school district while assisting in developing a system for networking regionally for increased industry opportunities. The ACSNS provides educators with the tools and strategies needed to create a greater student demand, school capacity, and economic value in computer science and computing programs within their districts. These increased values are achieved by developing a network of success that includes administration, counselors, teacher cohorts, and regional industry and commerce partners. 

The program, which will officially launch in the Summer of 2021, will support the building of an ACSNS by providing CS certified educators, those already holding a 528, 5016, and/or 5014 licensure, with initial training and ongoing support provided by the Arkansas Statewide Computer Science Specialists on concepts such as:

  • How to implement and grow a successful CS Program of Study, 

  • How to strive and achieve proper vertical alignment among campuses, creating a feeder system,

  • How AP CS affects your school’s SQSS ESSA ranking,

  • How to identify, develop relationships with, and engage with regional industry and commerce partners,

  • How to promote your program through a properly developed communications plan,

  • How to identify and diminish barriers to broadening participation/diversifying enrollment in computer science courses,

  • How to incorporate competitions and out of school activities into a successful program, and

  • Understanding the Arkansas Computer Science Gold Medal School Program.

As part of the ongoing training, a district cohort of educators, counselors, and administrators, will participate in training relevant to building a proper ACSNS. 

Participating schools will be required to enter into a participation agreement with the ADE Office of Computer Science before being admitted into the program. Interested parties should fill out the interest notification form found at: 



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