Arkansas Department of Education Division of Elementary and Secondary Education ADE: DESE releases LEA – Assignment module on the Insights platform

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The ADE Office of Information Technology (OIT) in collaboration with Division of Elementary and Secondary (DESE) – Research & Technology is pleased to announce the release of LEA – Assignment module on the Insights platform. This module replaces the current paper LEA Number Assignment/Change Form (as published on the APSCN website) and there-after its manual email process of submission for ADE: DESE approvals.


This new process is part of the on-going State Government transformation and digitization savings. LEA – Assignment module enables District Superintendents electronically submit their LEA’s: Local Education Agency Number changes (addition/deletion/modifications – as the case may be). The entire approval workflow is application driven and adds greater transparency to the existing process.

Only the District Superintendent has access to this module. However, the Superintendent can grant access to any district user with an APSCN login (using the delegation method) via the Admin → Modules menu, post login.

To access the LEA Assignment module, login to Insights and navigate to the Admin → LEA Assignment menu item or, using the following direct URL:

LEA – Assignment, URL:

To access the detailed step-by-step user guide, please use the direct URL (This is password protected as well):


When submitting reconfiguration requests, it is encouraged that a separate request is submitted for each LEA where there is a change. 



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