Arkansas Department of Education Division of Elementary and Secondary Education Title I Part C - Migrant Education Program

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The Arkansas Department of Education, Division of Elementary and Secondary Education, Federal Programs Unit, administer the Migrant Education Program, authorized by Part C of Title I of ESEA. The Migrant Education Program is a supplemental program for the children of migratory agricultural, seasonal, and temporary workers in Arkansas. The program is locally managed in six regions, and every regional program is based at an Educational Services Cooperative. In an effort to serve Migratory children in Arkansas, regional Title I Part C staff must gather pertinent information to identify eligible migratory children.  

To effectively identify all migratory children in Arkansas, it is imperative that school districts and local Migrant Education Program staff collaborate to identify these children. Districts must include The Migrant Education Program Agricultural Survey in school enrollment packets to effectively identify eligible students in each school district.  Granting local Migrant Education Program staff access to these surveys in a timely manner ensures that migratory students receive appropriate supplemental services to reach their highest academic potential.  The Arkansas Migrant Education Program is bound by the provisions of FERPA and laws of confidentiality. Services for these students are recorded and shared with the U.S. Department of education and other States educational agencies as per federal mandate. Our program's goal is to ensure that all eligible Migrant students are receiving timely and appropriate services.   


We appreciate your cooperation as we work together for the educational achievement of these children.


For questions or more information, please feel free to contact Damaris Tomlison, Director of Arkansas Migrant Education Program, Division of Elementary and Secondary Education.


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