Arkansas Department of Education Food Crediting Change for Formulated Grain Fruit Products in the School Breakfast Program – Effective SY 2012-2013

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Fiscal & Administrative Services
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§PL-111-269; 7 CFR 210.10; 7 CFR 220.8, USDA Memo SP-26-2012, April 17, 2012
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Superintendents; Child Nutrition Directors

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Beginning school year 2012-13,formulated grain-fruit products will no longer be allowed to credit both the grain component and the fruit component for the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) School Breakfast Program. TheUSDA Memo SP 26-2012 states, “Formulated grain-fruit products are specific products that are manufactured to meet the requirements addressed in 7 CFR Part 220, Appendix A and should not be confused with products that are currently on the market that contain grain and fruit.” The change in crediting does not apply to items such as granola bars with fruit pieces and other grain based foods listed inExhibit A: School Lunch and Breakfast Whole Grain-Rich Ounce Equivalency (oz eq)Requirements for School Meals Programs, which was issued as an attachment to USDA Policy Memo SP 30-2012. IDENTIFYING A FORMULATED GRAIN-FRUIT PRODUCT According to 7 CFR Part 220, Appendix A, formulated grain-fruit products MUST be individually wrapped and bear a label containing the following statement:   “This product conforms to USDA Child Nutrition Programs specification. For breakfast, it meets the requirements for fruit/vegetable/juice and one bread/bread alternate.”             If the product does not bear this statement on the label,it is not a formulated grain-fruit product. REMOVAL OF FRUIT CREDIT FOR PRODUCTS WITH ONLY FORTIFICATION and WITHOUT ACTUAL FRUIT CONTENT Prior to this school year, formulated grain-fruit products that met the grain and fruit meal pattern componentsthrough fortification without the addition of any actual fruit ingredients could be credited for School Breakfast. With the regulatory changethese products now only credit as a grain product. Per the USDA Policy Memo SP 26-2012 notification, Formulated Grain Fruit Products are hereby removed from 7 CFR, Part 220, Appendix A, Section 1 Alternate Foods for Meals.  For additional questions concerning this important change in food crediting for School Breakfast, please contact the assigned ADE CNU Area Specialist for the district at (501) 324-9502.  


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