Arkansas Department of Education Division of Elementary and Secondary Education After School Snack Program: Availability, Requirements and On-Site Review Form

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The National School Lunch Program (NSLP) offers cash reimbursement to help schools offer the After School Snack Program (ASSP) to children in after school activities aimed at promoting the health and well-being of children and youth in our communities.  A School Food Authority/Local Education Agency (SFA/LEA) wishing to participate in the ASSP must provide children with regularly scheduled activities in an organized, structured environment that includes educational or enrichment activities (e.g. mentoring, tutoring program)  All programs that meet the eligibility requirements can participate in the ASSP and receive reimbursement for afterschool snacks.  More information about after school snack programs is available from USDA Food and Nutrition at  The After School Fact Sheet may be also be helpful


LEAs may begin and end the ASSP anytime during the school year.  Prior to beginning the program, the SFA must submit a completed Schedule B.  Schedule B may be found on the ADE CNU webpage at reimbursement for the after school snack program may be made without the completion of Schedule B and the  approval of ADE CNU.  One completed copy of Schedule B should be emailed to Stephanie Starks at


LEAs serving the ASSP that have at least 50% of the student in the LEA eligible for free and reduced price meals are considered Area Eligible.  These LEAs may serve snacks at no charge to students and claim the snacks for the free reimbursement rate (currently $0.91) on the monthly Claim for Reimbursement.  LEAs serving the ASSP that have less than 50% of the students in the LEA eligible for free and reduced price meals will claim the snacks at the free, reduced, or paid reimbursement rate based on the eligibility of the student receiving the snack.  ADE CNU uses the October 1 certified data to verify the percentages.


LEAs providing the ASSP must follow the meal pattern for snacks.   The meal pattern is available at


While participating in the ASSP, the LEA must complete TWO (2) onsite reviews for each program serving site.  This documentation must be kept on file in the child nutrition office for five (5) years.  The first review must be completed within the first four (4) weeks of the program and the second at any time during the program.  The on-site review form may be found on the child nutrition webpage under forms.


For questions or additional information, call 501-324-9502 to speak with your area specialist, Stephanie Starks, or Susie Ward.   


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